The Zephyr Grazing Muzzle - For Small Cobs/Mini Cobs

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The Zephyr is the perfect grazing muzzle for those small cobs and ponies that have a thick set, wide head. 

This Bucket Grazing Muzzle attaches to a Headcollar (Not Included) via Strong Touch and Close fastening and is standard height unlike the Ultimate Grazing muzzle making it more suitable for a wide Jaw. Rectangle Hole at the bottom to allow restricted grass intake and soft moisture wicking padding around the nose part when it sits on the face.

Available in Cob size only this bucket muzzle will fit Traditional Type Small Cobs/Mini Cobs and some Donkeys (Mini Donkey in Image)

Measurement where it will attach to a headcollar are - 15cm length at back and 15cm length at back - Around the nose where it sits on the face and attaches to the Headcollar is approx. 63cm in width. 

We recommend using a leather Headcollar with this Muzzle for safety when turned out. 
Size: Cob

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