Rhinegold Training System For Horses - Rope & Pulley Lunging Aid With Roller

Size: Cob
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The Rhinegold Training System comes complete with a lunge Roller making it the perfect system for building and maintaining muscle tone whilst lunging. Perfect for young horses on the lower rings or for the more advance horse on the higher rings.
  • Encourages correct movement to aid stretching the top line
  • Helps to strengthen the Horses back and maintain or build muscle tone
  • Simple rope and pulley system gives various adjustment
  • Can be adjusted as training progresses over time or during a schooling session
  • Roller is included with twin straps, padded spine and stainless steel buckles and eyelets
  • Use lower rings when starting use and progress to higher rings over time as the Horse strengthens
  • (lunge rein & Bridle not included)
  • Note: All Training systems and training aids should be used as part of a training program so as not to cause unnecessary distress or discomfort to the Horse. 

Sizes: Cob or Full

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