Rhinegold Soft Rope Lunging Training Aid

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The Rhinegold Soft Lunge Aid is designed to help encourage a longer lower outline.


This lunge Aid is made from a Soft cotton Rope which has a good amount of give making it perfect for lunging to help improve a longer lower Outline, whilst also allowing the horse to stretch through the back.

The thinner straps that run through the legs and up to the Bit are adjustable making it easy to use and is excellent for those horses & ponies that you need to work from the ground.

This listing is for the Soft training aid only - The bridle and Lunge Rein are not included


* Please note that All Training systems and training aids should be used as part of a training program so as not to cause unnecessary distress or discomfort to the Horse. It is always advised to start off warming up on the longest setting of any training aid or only put them on once your horses has warmed up if not very adjustable. Cool down period should also be used to loosen the training aid or remove completely.

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