Rhinegold Saddle Correction Pad with Interchangeable Shims

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This Rhinegold Shock Absorbing Saddle Correction Pad is a must for young horses, horses that come in and out of work or older horses/ponies who may suffer with Sway Backs or muscle wastage.

This saddle Correction Pad is Made from a high quality densely quilted cotton in a half pad design with a chamber system either side for correct saddle position. This saddle pad features the following benefits.

  • Densely quilted half pad design which can be used on its own or with a thin saddlecloth/numnah.
  • High wither design to take pressure off the withers.
  • The upper side of the saddle pad has a chloroprene rubber pad for additional comfort and to provide some extra shock absorption.
  • Touch closure girth attachment straps
  • Touch and close fastening around the edges where the chloroprene rubber pad is to allow for a secure fit and easy changing of the removable interchangeable pads.

6 insertion pockets (3 either side) and 8 interchangeable shim pads allow for a customised fit to achieve the correct positioning of the saddle. Making this a very versatile saddle pad for horses that change muscle definition and shape due to being out of work/in work/illness or young horses that do not have the definition or top line. Also good for horses that are suffering from a sway back and you need to stop bridging by using Shims.

The cotton pad is machine washable however the shims (Interchangeable pads) must be removed before washing as they cannot be washed.

Colour: Black

Sizes: Pony, Cob or Full

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