Rhinegold Fly Mask With Ears and Nose

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This Fly Mask with Nose and Ears provides an effective barrier from flies and other biting insects. Made from a fine mesh with double darted stitching across the eyes so that the mask sits away from the horses eyes. Due to the firm structure of the mesh and the darting this mask does not cause any irritation to the eyes.

This Fly Mask for horses and ponies has soft fleece binding and wide touch and close tape closure under the Jaw. 

The long Nose designs help to provide protection from direct sunlight, helping to prevent sunburn in horses with pink or sensitive skin in that area.  The cap area at the poll has 2 mesh ears which are breathable and there is a hole in the centre of the cap for the forelock to pass through providing comfort for your horse.

Excellent value for money Fly mask with Ears and Nose protection.

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