Rhinegold Faux Fur lined Numnah - Black with Natural Fur 1/2 Lining

Size: Cob (Medium)
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The Rhinegold Luxe Fur Numnah is a General Purpose Numnah with the top half of the numnah Faux fur lined for superior comfort. This Faux Fur Lined Numnah also has a rolled edge over the wither area and along the back of the numnah giving it a luxury feel and appearance. Perfect for hunting, pleasure rides and hacking where you want the ultimate in comfort for your horse or pony when under saddle.

  • 100% Cotton outer and lining
  • Tough cordura anti-rub panel for endurance
  • 100% Faux fur gives support and alleviates pressure points
  • Rolled edges and padded wither for comfort.
  • Anatomically designed for a perfect fit
  • Touch tape girth attachment straps
  • Beautifully finished with a distinct quilting pattern and soft bindings

If you love the look of Sheepskin numnahs but don’t want real sheepskin, then this is the numnah for you. It has the appearance, feel and similar properties yet is made from a Synthetic fur so easy to care for.

Colour: Black main cotton quilted body with a natural fur lining on the top half of the numnah and rolled edges.

Sizes: Cob or Full

Cob will fit under a 16.5” – 17” saddle and Full will fit under a 17.5” – 18” saddle General purpose style.

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