Rhinegold Anatomical Double Bridle With Diamante Encrusted Browband

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Rhinegold Anatomical Double Bridle with Diamante Encrusted Browband and 2 pairs of Reins.

This Anatomical Double Bridle is made from the finest quality Italian leather with Softee Leather padding on nose and Head and browband. This bridle has been designed to relieve pressure from the delicate nerves on the Poll area with its wide padded head Piece which is mono - meaning that the noseband doesn't pass over the head avoiding the extra pressure this can cause to the area. The headpiece is also slightly cut away from the base of the ears which again helps to avoid sensitive nerves in this area. 

The diamante browband is curved to follow the line of the brow, again taking pressure away from the base of the ears. The crank noseband is padded and wide and is shaped to relieve pressure off the sensitive nerves in the nose area, it is also adjustable both sides for the perfect fit. 

This double bridle comes with 2 sets of reins - 1 pair of plain and 1 pair of inside grip reins. 

This really is a fantastic high quality Double bridle. Perfect to keep for dressage competitions or training clinics.

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