Magic Brush Simply Bright - 3 Brush Pack

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Simply Bright Pack - Includes 3 original Brushes in simply bright colours

These brushes are fantastic for Mud monsters as they efficiently remove dried on Mud and dirt with very little effort. The special structure and shape of the bristles remove dried on mud thoroughly, yet the brush is gentle of other sensitive parts of the horse such as joints and bones.  The back of the brush can also be used as sweat scraper or to remove water after bathing/wash down. Also great for use on hooves etc. 

These magic brushes are also great to use during the change of coat on any kind of horse hair as they help remove loose hair whilst also having a massaging effect. Also great to use on Saddlecloths & Numnahs and other horse/rider clothing items which has horse hair on them. 

Can also be used on Dogs when moulting or for use on upholstery to get off dog/cat hair.
These really are fantastic brushes and a must have for horses and ponies that live outdoors or if you are time limited and need something that will do the job of getting mud off your horse quickly before riding.

Colour: Simply bright

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