Lincoln Pig Oil Spray - 500ml

Size: 500ml Spray Bottle
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Pig Oil is traditionally used to help maintain and help grow the feathers on horse breeds such as traditional Cobs, Mini Cobs, Shires, Clydesdales etc. But can be used on other breeds as a coat shine or to help prevent Mud Fever by stopping Mud Sticking to the hair on the lower legs.

Pig oil is a light Mineral Oil which conditions and glosses the hair on manes, tails and feathers whilst also been water resistant so helps mud and dirt slide off the hair. This is particularly useful for those horses with lots of feathers that tend to be a nightmare to keep clean and mud free in wet Muddy fields. It can also help keep white feathers white as the mud and dirt sticks to the oil rather than the hair!. 

Lincoln Pig oil is also useful for deterring Mites and Lice especially when used on a regular basis on feathers as Mites don't like oily conditions which Pig oil creates.  The Lincoln Pig oil comes in a handy spray bottle which is great for getting the oil into heavy feathers. 

Bottle Size 500ml

* Note if using on a horse with sensitive skin, thin skin or that has been clipped/feathers clipped off it is wise to patch test 24hrs before using Pig oil properly. As it is a mineral oil some horses/ponies can have an allergic reaction so please patch test a small area first, also do not use on body or pink skin in hot sun as it is an oil so can burn.

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