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This Kevin Bacon Active soap is used to fight against itching caused by a reaction to  Culicoides (Gnats, Midges), horseflies, houseflies, scabies (mites microscopic), Ringworm (fungus is highly contagious) and is also great when a cut is starting to heal and it causes itching in the area that is healing.

KEVIN BACON'S ACTIVE SOAP is a simple, fast, effective, natural and not toxic and it can be safely used on equines, dogs, cats and Humans: . Indeed, not only does  KEVIN BACON'S ACTIVE SOAP effectively fight these pests but also protects, strengthens the hair shine and hair facilitating untangling of these, and it thoroughly cleans the skin.

Made from 100% vegetable cold pressed oils and various natural clays, petals, herbs and spices , like all Kevin Bacon's Range the KEVIN BACON'S ACTIVE SOAP does not contain chemical preservatives. Store it in a cool dry place.

Easy to use  - Wash down your horse, pony or Dog (or the area that needs treating) and rub the soap bar over that area lathering it up and working into the hair and skin. Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse off, If the area effected is really bad/sore then don't rinse off.  

For using to treat Sweet Itch it is recommended you use this before symptoms start to show (so early spring) and frequently throughout the Midge season. 


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