John Whitaker Ready To Ride Padded Leather Headcollar

Size: Cob
Color: Black
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The Whitaker Ready to Ride Collection is an evolution in low-maintenance, easy to clean leatherwork.

This padded leather Headcollar features the following

- Easy clean and Maintain due the unique pre-oiled Leather - it is self oiling as it has been impregnated by a special emulsified oil that penetrates deep into the leather. 

- Very supple and flexible - Ready to use straight away, no having to wait a day or so for the oil or conditioning treatment to sink in and dry.

- Oil is soaked into the leather to prevent cracking helping the item look newer for longer

- Stainless Steel buckle and fittings

- Red 'Whitaker' badge on cheek piece

- Soft padding on the head piece and noseband for your horses comfort, along with a rolled leather Throat Latch.

- Adjustable on the Nose and Head

Made from a good quality leather like all the John Whitaker range of products. Perfect for travelling or shows use, or around the yard/field if you want something you that is comfortable, smart and easy to maintain.

Available in Cob or Full Size

Colour: Black

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