Gallop Mexican Grackle Bridle With Reins

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Mexican GRACKLE Bridle with Rubber Grip Reins

The Gallop Mexican High Ring Grackle Bridle is ideal for everyday riding and competitions. This bridle features a grackle (Mexican) noseband, with Faux Sheepskin padding on the nose for your horse’s comfort. This bridle is perfect for distributing pressure evenly and it acts as a buffer against any unwanted pressure, especially on the cheekbones as the noseband sits higher.  The noseband is also perfect for horses that get strong and evade the bit by crossing their Jaw. Due to how the noseband works the horse is unable to cross their jaw effectively helping to stop the unwanted action of crossing the jaw.

The bridle comes complete with rubber grip reins. 

  • Leather bridle – Made from Economy leather which is soft and supple
  • Mexican Grackle nose band - Also known as a Mexican High Ring Noseband or Figure of 8 Noseband
  • Faux Sheep skin padding on the Noseband
  • Rubber Grip reins
  • Buckle fastenings

Colours Available – Black or Brown

Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full and X-Full

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