Gallop Jersey Mesh Cooler Rug - Sweat Rug

Size: 5ft 9"
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This Jersey Mesh Cooler Rug is a 2 in 1 rug that is perfect for summer use or throughout the year if you have a horse or pony in hard work. 

This Jersey Mesh Cooler Rug features a fleece lined Jersey fabric top line which is moisture wicking whilst keeping the chill off the top line muscles as your horse or pony cools down.  The lower part of this rug is a fully breathable mesh fabric allowing Air to flow around the bottom of and sides of the rug helping your horse cool down faster. 

This rug features Twin Buckle Chest Straps, Nylon lining on chest area, Cross Surcingle's and filet string. 

Perfect for use after washdown, to use after exercise if you don't have facilities to wash down you horse or after bathing to help dry your horse off without them catching a chill. Also perfect for travelling use on warmer days or if your horse tends to sweat up when travelling. 

Colour: Navy with white/Orange Binding

A wardrobe essential for your horse or pony

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