Gallop Hunter Bridle With Inside Grip Show Reins

Colour: Black
Size: Cob
Sale price£22.49
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This Stylish leather hunter bridle has a de-badged flat brow band to add a regal touch and helps to create a smart appearance whilst in the show ring, hunting or riding daily. The broad, flat Wide cavesson noseband distributes pressure across the face, the broad noseband can help to slim down the appearance of horses with long, straight noses so perfect for Cob type breeds on heavy horses.

This leather bridle is a stunning example of classic, timeless style. The half rubber (inside grip) show reins are included. Perfect as a starter Bridle for those starting out in the show ring or for general use if you have a hunter or Middle/Heavyweight Cob.
Noseband width - Cob & Full 2" wide, Pony 1.5" Wide
Sizes: Pony, Cob or Full

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