Gallop Flexible Rubber Reins - Strong Flexi Rubber pimple Grip

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Size: Cob
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These Flexible Rubber Reins by Gallop are soft, super flexible and strong.

These Flexible Rubber Reins are made from a good quality imported Leather with billet hook to bit and a revolutionary new rubber pimple grip. The rubber grips feature small pimples making these reins incredibly soft and flexible, whilst still offering exceptional grip. There is a no stretch Nylon core running through the rubber section offering extra strength meaning they are strong as well as flexible. If you have a strong horse then these reins are flexible enough to wrap around your hand should you need to put more leverage against a strong horse.

These Flexi Rubber Grip reins also feature leather rein stops and quality metal fittings.

These reins are easy to hold and have a very good feel, even for smaller women's or Teenager hands. These are not bulky in any way 

Cob size - 5/8 width - 52" Length (Each rein)

Full size -  5/8 width - 54" length (each rein)


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