Gallop Fleece Numnah With Rolled Edges - General Purpose Style

Size: Full
Color: White
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This Fleece Numnah is supportive, Comfortable and looks great under the saddle. 

This fleece Numnah is Half lined in fleece along with soft Lux fleece rolled edges gives this numnah a professional look and feel.  The large Hex quilting offer firm support under the saddle and helps to disperse pressure evenly. A vented spine helps with breathability and girth loops and straps keep the numnah in place under the saddle. 

The Lux Fleece not only feels and wears like sheepskin, it is also a lot easier to care for and vegan friendly as a synthetic material. 

Available in Black, Brown or White

Size: Full (Ideally fit under a 17.5" General Purpose Saddle)

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