Elico Padstow Small Hole Haynet For Horses & Ponies - Pink/Purple

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This Small Hole Haynet by Elico is made from a good quality Polypropylene. It has small 4cm x 4cm holes making it perfect for those horses and ponies that tend to eat their hay or haylage quickly but get frustrated by the very small holed Haynets, 

This Small Hole Haynet holds approx.  6.5kg of hay so is standard size and is 40" (100cm) stretched. It has a metal ring in the bottom to help assist with filling and gives you somewhere to thread the tope rope through if you need to tie it up high when using for larger horses or in areas where a horse or pony could catch their shoes in it when empty. 

Strong Polypropylene Rope for tying up the Haynet securely.

Colour: 2 tone Pink/Purple

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