Elico Memory Foam Seat Saver - Black or Brown

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The Elico Memory Foam Seat Saver is high quality and very comfortable.
This memory foam Seat Saver is designed to fit Horse Saddles with a seat size 16.5" - 17.5"
Feel the difference with this fantastic Memory Foam Seat Saver.  This seat saver fits closely to the saddle with elasticated straps, making it easy to put on and remove as required. 
Features of this Saddle Seat Cushion are:
  • Made from Memory foam which has proven shock absorbing qualities, helping to reduce the pressure on the lower back and seat bones of the rider. This also benefits the horses back as less pressure is passed through to the horses back as some is absorbed by the seat saver.
  • Covered with a breathable mesh material that helps grip, whilst also having a soft feel
  • ideal for endurance and hacking but can also be used in many disciplines of riding and training.

Available in Black or Brown

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