Elico Little Piggy Extra Small Hole Haynet - Standard 90cm - Holds 6.5kg Hay

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The Elico Little Piggy Extra Small Hole Haynet is perfect if you have a horse that tends to over eat or gobble their hay down way too quickly.

The Little Piggy Haynet has 3cm Mesh making this an extra small hole haynet. This Hay Net is great for horse/ponies that require up to 6.5kg of hay. 

These Little Piggy Haynets are good quality nets with Extra Small Holes and are designed to slow down your horse or pony when eating their hay by only allowing your horse or pony to get small amount of hay at a time. This not only aids digestion but also helps to relieve boredom and prevent your horse or pony over eating.

Size: Standard

Length: 90cm Stretched

Capacity Approx 6.5kg

Colour: Pink with Black Rope

Top tip: If you have a greedy horse or pony who tugs and pulls and gets frustrated at the net when they first come in to the stable put a small amount of hay on the floor to take the edge off their hunger. 

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