Elico Headcollar Fly Mask Combo - Black

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The Elico Headcollar Fly Mask is the perfect solution when grooming/Bathing your horse outside in the summer months, leading your horses or pony too and from the field or for stable use when flies still annoy your horse or pony.  

This headcollar Fly Mask is a strong Nylon webbing headcollar with an integrated Fly mask which covers the eyes. The headcollar is lines on the nose, head and cheek pieces with soft fleece and the fly mask is made from fine mesh which is structured to sit up away from the horses eyes. Elasticated at the top of the fly mask where it sits on the brow for a close fit. 

The headcollar is adjustable on the nose and both sides of the head and features a trigger clip throat lash for ease of slipping it off over the ears without undoing the buckles. 

This headcollar can be used for turnout but is not a field safe headcollar so please bear this in mind if using to turn out, making sure the throat clip is facing inwards or flat to the side as possible.

Colour: Black

Sizes: Pony, Cob and Full

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