Elico Gel Bit Guards - Flexible and Soft

Color: Black
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These Elico Gel Bit Guards are soft and flexible, offering excellent protection from pinching and rubbing from the bit. 

These Gel Bit Guards have moulded mouth piece and a soft and stretchy Gel making them easy to get onto the bit. These will fit most sizes of bit rings but may not go over very large rings or very thick mouthpieces. 

Gel Bit guards are perfect for using on horses or ponies with sensitive lips and corners of the mouth and also great for youngsters or difficult horses where they can with turning and stop the bit being pulled through the mouth. 

Colours: Black or brown

* Bit is not included, you will received 1 pair of Bit Guards only

Top Tip - use some baler twine or thin rope and thread through either side of the bit guard to help you stretch them over the bit. 

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