Elico English Leather In Hand Bridle - Made in England

Size: Shetland
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The Elico In Hand Bridle is made from a quality English leather and is made in England by bridle makers using traditional tanning methods and exceptional craftmanship. 

The flat wide noseband which tapers in towards the bit slots and cheeks and flat browband sets off most heads, especially native breeds and traditional cobs/hunter young stock and stallions. 

With quality solid brass fittings and plenty of adjustment this traditional styled In hand Show bridle is made to last.  Exceptional quality which is perfect for the serious competitor or stud farm who wants something that will last and can be used year and year in the show ring when cleaned and stored properly.

Colour: Dark Havana (very dark brown)

Sizes: Shetland, Pony or Cob

* This is proper English leather made in England (not Leather tanned the English way but made in India). Don't forget to give it a clean with glycerine soap and then leather conditioner before the first use to help protect the leather and also stop it from cracking etc. 

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