Elico Daisy Reins - Helps stop ponies putting their heads down

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A simple, yet an effective method which helps prevent the pony from putting its head down whilst being ridden. Perfect for those ponies that like to eat the grass etc when little one is off the lead reins and also useful for those ponies that like to put in a buck when being asked to work on when doing faster work. 

Nylon web with an quality buckle fastening through the D rinds on the saddle and an adjustable strap that has an elasticated insert the travels up the neck and attaches to the bridle head piece. 

Made in UK and an essential part of any ponies tack when teaching the little ones to ride. 

One size (Pony/Cob) 

* As the this is made from webbing, if you have a very small pony that needs one of these and this is too long, you can get eyelet tools or you can heat up using a blow torch the relevant size nail/hole punch/drill bit and use it to make another hole whilst sealing the material so it won't fray. 

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