Elico Ceramic Memory Foam Tendon Boots

Size: Medium
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These Elico Ceramic Memory foam lined Tendon boots are smart and perfect for use whilst jumping or on endurance riding where you want tendon protection without a fully closed boot.

These Elico Ceramic Memory Foam Tendon boots provide excellent protection from knock and scraps to the rear tendons thanks to the hard outer shell, whilst also providing support and comfort thanks to the high quality memory foam lining. 

These Tendon boots are lined with shock absorbing and supportive memory foam which has a bonded ceramic lining.  Ceramic reflects body heat back as infrared helping with blood circulation, muscle tension and inflammation making these boots perfect for competition use. 

The smart look and the 3 Elasticated straps with Brass buckles gives a quality feel to the boots. 

Colour: Black

Size: Medium or Large

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