Elico ANTI GORGE Small Hole Haynet Haylage Net

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The Elico Radnor Anti Gorge Haynet is perfect for those horses and ponies that tend to gorge on their hay net meaning they eat it very quick and then either look for more or are bored in their stable. 


With a 6cm Ring at the base and made from a strong material and a robust hanging rope, with small holes in a unique design to minimise waste and slow your horse or pony down when eating. It has the same effect as putting 2 small hole haynet's one inside the other making your horse or pony work to get the hay out.


They Haynet has been designed to slow down your horse eating hay or haylage, helping to prolong the activity and thereby helping to prevent gorging. This also has the benefit of helping to relieve boredom as your horse will be kept occupied for longer eating their hay/haylage.


Net colour: Two -tone (Red/blue)


Size: Mesh Size: 4cm, Length of net 100cm

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