Cameo Anatomical Bridle With Flexi Grip Rubber Reins

Size: Pony
Color: Brown
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Cameo Anatomical Bridle with Flexi Grip rubber reins

This is an excellent value for money Anatomical bridle. Made with the horses comfort in mind and designed to avoid pressure points which can affect your horses way of going.
This bridle is designed with a Cut away Mono Comfort Head Piece which is designed to relieve pressure around the base of your horses ears. There is also an Anatomically designed curved Noseband that avoids the sensitive nerve endings on the cheeks and also has a side Flash to help stop your horses opening it's mouth and evading the bit. There is a smart raised Padded dipped Browband which helps to further relieve pressure off the sensitive lower ear area.

5/8 cheeks and 5/8 Flexi reins means this bridle suits most breeds.

The reins are super flexible and complement the bridle.

Colours: Black or Brown
Sizes: Pony, Cob or Full

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