Bizzy Ball Boredom Breaker Stable Toy - Pink or Aqua

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Bizzy Ball Boredom Breaker Stable Toy

What's in the box - 2 x Chew wings, 1 x Spindle, 1 x End Cap, 1 x Hanging rope, 4 x expandable sponges with Peppermint essential oil.

The Bizzy Ball is a boredom breaker, teething toy and stress reliver all in one. Pop in a bizzy lick (Not included) and either Hang against a wall at wither height, leave loose on the floor of the stable, paddock or hard standing area or it can be attached to a corner of stable wall using wall bracket (not included but available separately).

Easy to use and loved by horses and ponies as they can chew on the wings with bumps which are perfect for young horses which may be teething or those that like to chew wood. The lick when inserted spins on the toy making it entertaining for the horse plus takes then longer to lick down. The licks are also rock solid so cannot be bitten and have to licked. 

The Bizzy Ball is Perfect for keeping those horses and ponies that tend to not do so well when stabled or show stable vices as it distracts them and gives them something else to concentrate on. The essential oil infused sponges also help to keep the toy interesting for your horse even after the lick has run out.

Colour: Pink or Aqua

Please note that the lick is not included.

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