Battles Summer Fly Cream - The original Yellow Cream

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Battles Summer Fly Cream is a soothing Antibacterial cream which not only helps soothe and heal cuts and open sores but also acts as fly protection keeping flies off the area and helping prevent fly strike and maggots. 

This Summer Fly Cream is bright Yellow in colour and can be used on Horses, Ponies, Cattle, Goats, Sheep and pigs during the summer on any cuts, grazes or rubs. 

Also useful to use on horses & ponies who get annoyed with flies in their sheath area, teat area and between their front/back legs as it is quite a thick cream and Flies/Midges really don't like it so stay away. 

Tub size: 400g

* Wear gloves when using this cream as it is bright Yellow and does stain. 

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