Apollo Air Multi Riser Saddle Pad - Front Middle & Rear Riser Pad in One

Color: Blue
Size: Large
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This Riser Saddle Pad is perfect for use on young horses, High withered horse,  Horses with Sway Back or for those that change shape through various stages of the fitness process. 

GP/Jump design so perfect for use under a general purpose/close contact or event saddle.

Made from the Apollo Air Breathe Material this saddle Pad is not only versatile but super breathable helping to keep your horse comfortable and cool under saddle. 

This clever Saddle Pad features 3 pockets on each side, each containing 3 breathable foam Shims. This makes a  total of 12 shims which can be used to raise or lower then front, middle and rear of the saddle as well as making one section of the pad higher/lower etc in cases where a specific area of muscle wastage on one side is present. 

This really is a fantastic Riser Saddle Pad and very well designed. A good investment if you bring on young horses, have an older competition horse who comes in and out of work or a Sway back horse.

Colours: Electric Blue or Black

Size: Large (Fits under a 17.5" - Small 18" seat saddle)

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