Apollo Air Multi Riser Half Pad - Fur Trim & Removable Shims to alter the fit

Size: Medium
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This Apollo Air Multi Riser Half Pad is perfect for young horses, older horses who may have muscle wastage or those horses coming back into work after injury or time off. 

Fully breathable with a rolled sheepskin edge and Wither Pad. There are 3 pockets each side containing 2 x Soft Breathable 10mm Shims. This allows the front, middle and rear to be raised or lowered to different thicknesses helping you to create the perfect fit for your saddle. These 12 removable Shims in this Multi Riser Half Pad are breathable along with the rest of the material on the half Pad making it comfortable for your horse as well as being super practical.

With Non slip to stick to the underside of the saddle and soft breathable fabric on the side that sits on the horses back. Can be used as it is or with a thin saddle cloth. 
Available in Medium or Large 
Colour: Black

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