Waterproof Fly Rugs For Horses & Ponies

A range of Waterproof Fly rugs which are perfect for use on those unpredictable late spring/summer days. With a waterproof turnout rug top line and a lower close weave mesh fly rug section these rugs really do make the perfect combination. A Fly rug and turnout rug combined. We stock the Gallop Trojan Waterproof Fly rug and the very popular Rhinegold Zambia Waterproof Fly Rug. Looking for a waterproof Fly rug with a detachable neck cover? Then the DefenceX Waterproof Flyrug is what you need as it comes with a detachable neck cover.

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Rhinegold Zambia Waterproof Fly Rug
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Gallop Trojan Xtra Waterproof Fly Rug